Building a self-sustainable Voluntary Organisation

Currently, the band club is working on a number of projects in order to provide a self-sustaining Music and Culture Hub in the heart of Naxxar. Although the band club’s committee is working tirelessly to obtain the necessary funds, both from the EU and the government, your donations are required to complete all infrastructure projects and to promote the new services we will be offering once the works are completed.

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About the project

Although the major improvements are being sponsored through EU and Government funds, the band club needs the finances to finish the works and to eventually market the services given by the band club. Presently the band club is worked on the following projects:
  • The establishment of a new modern and accessible music school was made possible in large part by the Rural Development Leader project - Measure 2: Strengthening a Healthy Cultural Identity - and MTA funding.
  • The construction, purchase and installation of a 4 storey wheel chair accessible passenger elevator and to create an accessible for all pubic building facilities. This is being sponsored largely through the Planning Authority’s Development fund.
  • One of the band club halls is being upgraded to provide a contemporary and cutting-edge location for art exhibitions; this is being partially sponsored with funds from the MTA fund.
  • The construction and finishing work required for a ground-floor commercial outlet. This is a very ambitious and important project for the band club because it is an integral part of the overall goal of making the band club self-sustaining. Due to the commercial aspect of the project, no funds are available for this project.
  • Other works required to seamlessly integrate all of the projects.
Aside from construction and finishing work, the band club was able to obtain funds to re-brand its image thanks to the National Band Clubs Association and the Arts Council Fund. However, in order to properly use these tools, additional funds are required to promote them online. We are counting on your assistance to fund all of the projects listed above!