These are bags filled with specialised items approved by the Oncology Nurses and which are given to all Cancer Patients for FREE. Each Bag has over €60 worth of items.

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About the project

Many cancer patients spend days, weeks even months at a stretch as inpatients at SAMOC (Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre). Chemotherapy is important but so is a positive Mental Health Well Being!   Smiling With Jerome Foundation VO/1564 is an NGO which was founded after we lost our son, Jerome, at the age of 20 years due to Cancer in 2017. This initiative was introduced in Malta in 2019 by our NGO. These Chemo Bags of Hope help cancer patients during the long hours of treatment.  Each item in the bag is approved by the Oncology Nurses. Each bag is lovingly filled with HOPE for its patient. We give these bags to everyone - Young and Old - for FREE.