on behalf of Smiling with Jerome Foundation

These are Bags of Hope given to all Cancer patients (Young and Old) who are undergoing chemotherapy at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre and patients referred to us by Hospice Malta.

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Chemotherapy is really important to Cancer Patients but so is Positive Mental Health Well Being.

In December 2019, Smiling With Jerome Foundation VO/1564 had launched this initiative.

These Chemo Bags of Hope are given to All Patients at Wards 1 and 2, Rainbow Ward, Palliative Care and Haematology Department at SAMOC (Oncology Centre) and to patients referred to us by Hospice Malta.

These bags are filled with items to help patients get through the long hours of treatment. Each bag is lovingly filled with Hope for its recipient.

All items in these bags are approved by the Oncology Nurses.

Each bag is worth over €60 but is given for FREE to everyone.

Project expires at 2:00am on Thursday July 27th, 2023