on behalf of Smiling with Jerome Foundation

All children have the right to PLAY!

We are helping schools in Malta and Gozo to have specialised outdoor equipment for kids with Special Needs / Disabilities or Severe Conditions.

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The SMILING WITH JEROME FOUNDATION was founded after our son Jerome died from Bone Cancer at the age of 20 years in 2017.

This NGO is run on a fully voluntary basis and we work hard to raise funds for ALL patients & their families who are diagnosed with serious illness and ALL children with disabilities, rare diseases, Special Needs /or conditions & their families.

You will note that I have mentioned “and their families”, as more often than not, many associations do not cater for the needs of the families & carers and as most of us know from personal experience, the care givers also require a lot of support when a loved one is ill or suffers from a long term disability.

All our services, events and types of support which we offer are FREE.

THE ‘JIEN KAPACI WKOLL!’ Initiative which has been running since February of this year.

In Malta and Gozo, according to the CRPD (Aug 2022), there were over 1170 school children with impairment in Primary and Secondary Schools.

During Break Time and leisure time we often assume that all children go out in the school ground and play whether by running, jumping or walking.

However, many children cannot play due to their limited movements / conditions and the absence of adapted specialised playground equipment.

Many schools in Malta and Gozo are do not have this type of equipment. These children are left inside and given something else to do or just put in a corner in the school yard watching others play.

Through this initiative, we are aiming to reach all children and give them THE RIGHT TO PLAY like other kids!

To date, we have already helped 3 schools.

However, as we cannot do marathons, no help has been given from the Government and this type of equipment is expensive, our NGO is helping these schools at a small pace.

We appreciate any amount offered.

Thanks in advance 🙂

Project expires at 2:00pm on Saturday April 15th, 2023