Malta African Festival of Arts MAFA


Malta African Festival of Arts MAFA is a unique Arts event aimed at sharing the beauty of sharing the diversity and richness of having different cultures living in harmony and creating strong communities. The festival is the 1st and its being organised by CCIF and Upbeat Music House. We are looking to fundraise money to help us co fund the week long festival.

We appeal to you all for your kind support. The festival is key to share information, break disinformation and stereotypes and help create vibrant local communities where we all live in harmony and treated humanly.

We choose to be the change

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The Malta African Festival of  Arts is billed to one of Africa’s largest international arts festivals. Established in 2023 by Alec Douglas Bvumburah working with Upbeat Music House and Cross Culture International Foundation CCIF Malta, plans are to have the festival taking place each year in Valletta, every May covering the Africa day. The festival will be a week-long hive of themed activities covering: theatre, music, African Traditional Dance, African Films, fine art, African Fashion and poetry.


As an activity, run by Non Profit Organisations MAFA depends on funding from private sources, local businesses and multinational corporations and other Public Funding Authorities. Due to the cost of hosting the pilot festival we are appealing for supplementary funding from well-wishers, private donors, and embassy/missions represented in Malta. Funding from this appeal will cover the cost of hiring of equipment such the stage lighting, sound, logistics, publicity and promotion of the festival. Donations can be paid in on this site or paid directly to the suppliers of various needed resources.

This fundraiser is a Joint initiative by Upbeat Music House and CCIF Malta. Upbeat Music House works to bring together Migrant and local artists to collaborate using performance arts and music. They use music to share migrant stories, culture, create dialogue and also as a tool for integration. The ultimate goal is to build inclusive communities, on the other hand CCIF works  on anti-human trafficking through awareness raising, advocacy, training and education and restoration of victims.

Besides cash and/or in kind donations we are also appealing for people willing to volunteer during the Festival covering 23 to 27 May 2023 to email us on or on

Project expires at 2:00pm on Sunday April 30th, 2023