Providing a secure place for young musicians

on behalf of Ghaqda Muzikali Immakulata Kuncizzjoni Hamrun

The project Installation of CCTV/Intruder and Fire Alarms will address the three overarching themes being ‘Care Create Flourish’ reflected in its 10 Guiding Principles.

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The Immaculate Conception Band Club is committed to provide opportunities to nurture our youth and migrants to achieve their artistic dreams and goals in the arts. We seek out young generation gifted youth with the desire and potential talent in music and art.

These extraordinary individuals are given the means to nurture their goals through our free music training. But to reach such aim we would like to provide a safer environment to our students particularly youth and migrants.

The project fits clearly within the draft Arts Council Strategy 2025 which proposes a vision and mission underpinned by a commitment towards Cultural Rights through three overarching themes being ‘Care Create Flourish’ reflected in its 10 Guiding Principles.

The project (installation of CCTV/INTRUDER and FIRE alarms) will address the three overarching goals as described below:

Care : We do care to our community.

Hamrun area is changing fast and a number of migrants and third country nationals are now living with us. However we need to integrate such community with the locals thru Music. Meanwhile we need to reach out to Youth living in our area. From the data obtained from the Parish Priest we have 167 young adults between 13 to 18 years residing in our community. The Band Club would like to reach out to this audience and encourage them to learn music with us. Music is the medium which will bring us together.

The project will also address Malta’s National Cultural Policy 2021 (NCP 2021) which sets an ambitious vision to embrace culture for the wellbeing of all. “Inspired by cultural rights, the mission of cultural policy, the second official national cultural policy for Malta, is to integrate culture in national development with a global outlook that contributes to sustainable development.”

Indeed, the National Council Policy takes a proactive approach to identify and remove barriers to ensure full and equal participation in cultural life.

Music and Culture contributes to a better mutual understanding among peoples and their different cultures. Therefore it provides exceptional value to our members and third country nationals whilst creating networking opportunities.

Music can stimulate the acceptance of minorities in society.

The motto – Kuncizzjoni Goes Ethnic Condition – Integration through Music – is something we believe in and want to accomplish.

Lastly, we believe that this project will help implement the actions listed in the National Policy 2021-2030 where young people and migrants should be respected, appreciated and understood, supported and encouraged both to have better personal and social relationships. , as well as to develop skills naturally for the benefit of themselves and the community, to have the courage to global.

Project expires at 4:00pm on Friday March 31st, 2023