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SimplyGiving is portal that provides a funding platform for specific Voluntary Organisation projects and campaigns.

SimplyGiving allows Voluntary Organisations to set up an approved project or campaign through with a specific target and timeframe. Funds are collected through the portal until the target is reached or the campaign ends. Check

To start a new campaign, you need to be registered on

Every campaign can be found on the projects page. Here you can find the status of the campaign and the amount and percentage of total collected so far.

No. Every campaign needs to have a clearly defined target that is approved by the Voluntary Organisation and MCVS.

The funds collected up to that point will be transferred to the Voluntary Organisation in question.

The project or campaign ends when either the target or the end date is reached.

The project or campaign can be up to 6 months long.

The funds for any campaign will go to a central account held by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector, and will be transferred to the specific Voluntary Organisation at the end of the campaign.

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