How It Works

Step by step guide how to create a project

Step by step process

  1. The Voluntary Organisations needs to be enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.
  2. Register the Voluntary Organisation with the VO Funding Portal
  3. If you’re representing a verified Voluntary Organisation login using the VO Funding Portal credentials.
  4. Create a project and fill in project application completing all details requested in relation to scope, time and funding amount of the project.
  5. Each project application shall be vetted by the by MCVS Administration.
  6. Once application is vetted and found to be eligible it would be put live on the SimplyGiving portal.
  7. MCVS shall inform on a monthly basis the beneficiary Voluntary Organsation of a project on the SimplyGiving portal on the status funds received.
  8. MCVS shall not disclose personal information of individual donors to the beneficiary Voluntary Organsation in respect of the Data Protection Act.
  9. MCVS shall issue payment of funds received to each beneficiary Voluntary Organisation every three months.
  10. Beneficiary Voluntary Organisations are obliged to report this income under ‘fundraising’ to the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations in their annual returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked about the SimplyGiving crowd-funding portal, including registrations, campaign creation, supporting projects, privacy policy and getting in touch with Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.