Melodija Mlissna Maż-Żmien (Programm Mużikali)

This is a cultural event where our local band will be conducting a musical programme to commemorate the 110th Anniversary from when the first musical formation in Kalkara was founded by Mro. Lorenzo Gonzi in 1914. This project is also intended to provide a historical background to attendees.

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About the project

This event will consist of a musical programme by Banda Sagra Familja in order to commemorate the 110th year anniversary from the foundation of the Orchestra San Giuseppe way back in 1914 by Mro. Lorenzo Gonzi. This will contain music composed by the said Mro. Gonzi together with other musical pieces. Extracts from the history book ‘Ta’ Fuq’, published last year by our organisation, will be read between musical pieces played by the band to provide an accurate historical background of what we will be commemorating through this event. This is due to the fact that these extracts will be about the foundation of said orchestra and also about our current band. The said orchestra was the first musical formation in Kalkara which led to the inception of our band, namely Banda Sagra Familja in 1987. Afterwards a reception will follow in our premises. This project will promote further the rich culture and history related not only to our organisation but also to our village. We also intend to promote further Maltese Feasts through this event, since from this year the Maltese Village feasts were considered as an intangible heritage from UNESCO, so by contributing to our cause you will also be contributing towards this same heritage.