on behalf of Din l-Art Helwa

Din l-Art Helwa is appealing for funds to support our fight against inappropriate development which is handled through our Heritage and Environment Protection sub committee .

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About the project

Out of the thousands of Planning Applications submitted to the Planning Authority, Din l-Art Helwa's sub committee filed over 850 objections in 2023. The sub committee dedicated to Heritage and Environment Protection focuses its' resources on applications that are either in breach of policy and/or those would have a negative impact on cultural heritage, the environment or our urban landscape. We object to excessive development of (or around) listed properties or monuments, and to major projects that fail to safeguard the well-being of residents and the environment in general. This involves appeals to the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal  and to the Courts.  We have had numerous victories and with your help we will continue this work in 2024. Help us to fight on your behalf.